Thursday, February 3, 2011

Heidenhain Monitors BE412 BC110, BC120

HEIDENHAIN's MANUALplus NCs have been proving themselves in daily use on action-oriented lathes for many years now, but with the introduction of the new MANUALplus 620, HEIDENHAIN marks another step toward simple and efficient programming on the HEIDENHAIN Monitor. With this new control and its increased functions, now both cycle and CNC lathes can effectively be handled by HEIDENHAIN Screen
At the heart of the new MANUALplus 620 is a new NC kernel. With it, the cycle programming feature of this control enables the machinist to quickly and efficiently program and machine workpieces without having to write NC programs on the Heidenain Monitors HEIDENHAIN BC110, Heidenhain BC120, BE110, BE110B, BE111, BE135, BE212, BE411, Heidenhain BE412, BE412B, BF120 TNC.
This new control also includes the implementation of a tool database (up to 250 tools) and a technology database. The MANUALplus 620, as a whole, is designed as an integrated digital servo-drive control, though the spindles and/or axes can also be controlled by analog speed command interfaces as well.

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