Monday, January 31, 2011

Yaskawa robot as a Chef.

Yaskawa robot as a chef, ready to cook for you :)

The multi-talented Motoman SDA10, a dexterous dual-arm industrial robot manufactured by Yaskawa Electric, is demonstrating its ability to cook okonomiyaki at the International Next-Generation Robot Fair now underway in Osaka. Yaskawa Parts
Designed to operate independently alongside humans in the workplace, the 135-centimeter (4.5 ft) tall, 220-kilogram (480 lb) industrial robot has 15 joints -- 7 in each arm and one in the torso -- allowing a wide range of motion for the job, whether it be on the factory floor or behind the kitchen counter.

As a chef, the Motoman relies on speech recognition technology to take verbal orders from customers. Using standard kitchen utensils, the robot mixes the okonomiyaki batter, pours it onto the iron grill, forms it into a round pancake-like disk, flips it, puts it on a plate when done, and applies condiments.
No word yet on the taste.

FANUC Robots Assembling and Disassembling keypads

Robots Assembling and Disassembling keypads

Two FANUC M-1iA robots assembling and disassembling 10-key keypads at high speeds. The robots are equipped with iRVision 2D allowing them to locate the keys on the keypad. These robots are lightweight and compact six-axis parallel link robots. The parallel link structure provides higher speeds and accuracy compared to traditional assembly robots. The M-1iA is designed for small part handling, high speed picking and assembly applications. It has a 3 axis wrist which makes it extremely flexible and versatile compared to traditional SCARA robots. FANUC Keyboard

FANUC Robots make a career in Cinema for Louis Vuitton.

FANUC for Louis Vuitton

The company, Autofuss, has recycled three FANUC s430iL industrial robots from the automobile industry to convert them to the arts and entertainment industry.
The three robots (Puck, Gilda and Rosie) are now cameramen.
They can take complex and accurate shots and we’ve recently been able to catch a glimpse of them in a commercial for Louis Vuitton.
A Fanuc s430iL measures 2.23 m in height and weighs 1301 kg.
The robot can carry 125 kg and its arm has a range of 3 meters. It moves at a speed of 2 m per second and has an accuracy of +/- 0.3 millimeters. Fanuc Servo Amplifiers

INDRAMAT - Part, repair, spares, exchange...

Indramat was acquired by the hydraulic concern Rexroth in 1965, in order to gain competence in machine control. At that time, Indramat was moved to the German town of Lohr am Main, Rexroth’s headquarters. In 1968 Rexroth, including Indramat GmbH, was taken over by Mannesmann AG. In 2001, after the hostile takeover of Mannesmann by Vodafone, the industrial portion of Mannesmann was acquired by Robert Bosch GmbH, including Rexroth and Indramat. The new entity was named Bosch Rexroth, and Indramat GmbH became the Electric Drives and Controls Technology Group under Bosch Rexroth. The name Indramat was no longer used.
In 2001 Indramat employed 1,500, with a turnover of 261 million Euro. Exports constituted 52% of the business.